Fridays, 9am-1pm

Suited to 2 to 5 year olds who are toilet trained.
Cost, $42 per child.

Drop your child off for themed craft, free play and structured sessions. Pay-as-you-go. Book to avoid disappointment.

Program Overview

Young children love structured, free play. A time where they can be creative, move at their own pace in a safe, warm and engaging environment.

This is what ‘Playtime’ promises at Karratha Community House. Every week a variety of spaces will be set up inside and outside. Children can mill around as they please seeing where they fit in to the world around them.

Our facilitators aim will be to provide a range of creative learning and play opportunities to inspire the children and to help them engage with the spaces provided. They will support when required, guide when asked, and help the children make choices and find their voice, in a gentle and fun manner.

This program focus’s on connections. Connecting to the world around them and connecting to their peers. Creativity is the key to these connections in Playtime. Whether it’s singing, whether it’s getting messy with some paints, whether it’s creating cubby houses outside – this is a space where we want your children to form friendships, relax and have fun, by having the ability to make some choices.

There will be some informal mat time where we will sing and be silly and get to know each other. And there will be opportunities to join in on educator guided activities – but these will happen as a result of natural inquiry.